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We at OTGC strongly recommend a good handheld GPS device to go geocaching (click on the handheld GPS above to see some of Garmin's GPS devices. Handheld GPS devices usually have many advantages over smartphone APPS, they are more durable, longer battery life, easy to upload / download GPS files to / from your PC, etc.


However, if you do not want to spend the money on such device and you have a smartphone such as (iphone, droid, etc.) we recommend the "Backpacker GPS Trails" App they have a Lite version which is a FREE download or a PRO (paid) version. Check out the link below for the GPS App for your smartphone :

Backpacker GPS Trails Lite Version for Iphone

Backpacker GPS Trails Lite Version for Droid

Cache In and Trash Out

If you are new to geocaching or just wonder: what is geocaching ? or how to geocache ? please review topics under the GEOCACHING menu :)

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